Monday, January 31, 2011

Youth Sunday

In our church, whenever a month has 5 Sundays, the last Sunday of that month is Youth Sunday. That is, the young people of the church plan the service. This Sunday, my friend Pablo was the music director instead of me, Joshua did the announcements, there were specials, and I preached instead of Dad.

 Pablo leading the music.

 Hannah and Jessica singing.

 Benjamin and I singing.

Me preching.

My sermon was on 3:16. In case you don't know what I am talking about, the verses I used were:
Ecclesiastes 3:16
James 3:16
John 3:16
1 John 3:16
1 Timothy 3:16
1 Corinthians 3:16
2 Timothy 3:16
The message was only about 15 minutes long. I was nervous since it was my first time, but it went well.

P.S. I just noticed the dates on the pictures and was as confused as the few who still look at my blog every decade or so. I don't know how those dates got there, but they're not supposed to be there. Talk about dwelling in the past. 2008? Must have been something with my camera settings. Sorry about that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

When the going gets tough...

We just finished coming back from a trip in Bolivia. Actually, at the time I am writing this, we just came home almost 3 hours ago, at 3:30 pm our time. 
When we arrived, we stayed in this hotel which looked pretty nice. My parents were in the lobby filling out something. My siblings were in there too. I was outside on a porch. Suddenly I heard a crash. I ran to the entrance and saw that a woman in a pickup had backed right into the front of our car. It smashed up the front a bit. I ran inside and called Dad. He ran out there and talked to the driver and occupants. They promised to pay for the damage (which never happened).
The hotel did not have a parking space, so the workers told Dad that he could park in the road. Dad asked if there would be a guard. He was told that there would be one.
Well, as we were sleeping, someone took the glass off the window of our car and stole the spare tire, a jack, and some other tools. When we went to pack our things, we saw what had happened. To make things even better, it had been raining very hard the whole day. The inside of the car was soaked.
Dad found the glass, which was still in one piece (even though he accidentally ran over it), and he and the hotel owner ran to get the glass put back in and buy the missing tools. We did not get the spare replaced yet.
The owner gave us about 60 dollars and we left. We arrived home safe and sound.
Although we may wonder why that happened to us, we were glad that God was still taking care of us. After all, the car could have been stolen, all of the tires could have been taken, or the glass could have been smashed to pieces.
Even though the going can get tough, God is a lot tougher than the going will ever get.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bible

Soon I am probably going to run out of George Philips' works.

The Bible
Tells of the story of God’s saving love
To sinners who deserve punishment.
Talks of Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark,
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua,
The Judges, Ruth, the Kings of Israel,
Prophets who announced God’s plan.
And finally, God’s Holy Son, Jesus.
Yes, this is in the Bible. It is the story
Of the price, the cross, the saving blood,
The perfect Lamb of God, who takes
All the sin of this evil, corrupt world.
It is the Book of the disciples; it tells
Of those like Peter and Paul and Silas,
Those who were not afraid to die
For Christ, for the cause, for the cross.
It is the story of the return of Christ.
It is the story of His final victory here.
It is the story of His eternal kingdom.
It is the old- our own-precious story,
The time-honored story: the story of
Our God’s
 To Man

My View of Evolution.

This was a report I did quite a while back. Hope you like it.


Philip Nathanael Doolittle
April 16, 2010
Teacher: Kelly Doolittle
 Doolittle Home School
   In this paper, every OPINION from someone else has been acknowledged in a parenthetical citation. I realize that the mere presence of a parenthetical citation does not avoid plagiarism. If I have used the exact words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of someone else, I have enclosed that information in quotation marks. If I have paraphrased the opinions of somebody else, I have not enclosed the paraphrased portions in quotation marks; but I have also stated those opinions in my own words. I have also introduced the paraphrase and have used a parenthetical citation to acknowledge the source.
     ALL FACTUAL INFORMATION (common knowledge or uncontested knowledge), though not credited with a parenthetical citation, has been stated in my sentence structure. I have not used anyone else’s organization of the factual information.
Signed: Philip Nathanael Doolittle
Thesis:  Creationism is proven to be true and evolution is proven to be totally and absolutely false.
I.  The creationism theory states that God created the world.
   A. God created the world in Genesis.
       1. The world itself proves that there must have a Creator
           a. Our world is a very orderly world; it could not have gotten this way itself.
           b. The entire universe has a special design, proving that there is a Creator.
       2. God created the world in six days, not over millions of years.
     B. God created all living things.
       1. God created all animals.
           a. No one but a Divine Creator could have given the animals their instincts.
           b. Only having a Creator could have produced all the variety of the animals
       2. God created all human beings.
           a. Only a Supreme Being could have thought of the creativity of making every human different.
           b. Only a Creator could have made the intensely complicated and complex human body.
      C. God maintains the world today.
         1. Gravity keeps everything in place.
         2. God is preserving his creation.
II. Evolution states that the world was created by chance.
       A. The Big Bang theory is a well-known but false idea that the explosion of a star created our world.
         1. The explosion of a star, or any explosion, could not have created anything, especially not a complex and well-planned, coordinated solar system.
          2. If an explosion created our planet, do you think that the design of our world would be the same? For, certainly, if there is a design, there must be a designer.   
       B. Evolution believes that man gradually was evolved, just like all living things.
          1. If everything came, or evolved, and the world is still the same, then why are we not still evolving today?  
          2. Evolution said that the first living creature was a simple cell, but where did that cell come from? It could not have made itself, could it?
       C. Evolution cannot fully explain how our world is being preserved.
          1. Evolution does not tell us why we have gravity.
              a. Since evolutionists cannot explain this, they must believe it by faith.
              b. Because they believe it by faith, they do not know for sure that gravity will exist tomorrow when they wake up.
         2. Evolution cannot explain to us why matter is being preserved.
III. Science can prove to us which one is true.
       A. The second law of thermodynamics disproves evolution and supports creation.
          1. The second law of thermodynamics says that every thing tends to head toward disorder, not order.
          2. Evolution says that the universe is getting more and more orderly, which disproves the second law of thermodynamics.
       B. The fossil record supports creation, not evolution.
          1. Evolution says that the fossil ages are known by the rocks they are in, and the ages of the rocks are known by their fossils, which is obviously circular reasoning.
          2. The fossil theory supports the idea of a world-wide flood, because of two reasons.
                a. Because of the fact that many fossils were created in the past, and none are being created now, that gives proof of the Flood.
                b. Some fossils are found in the wrong layers of rock, and there are even some fossils on top of mountains. This also proves that there was a world-wide flood.
IV. The overall view is that creationism is true and evolution is false.
       A. Evolution cannot be proved and is scientifically incorrect.
       B. Creationism is true and scientifically correct, proving that there is only one God and Creator, and He is the Master and Lord of everything.

Evolution: Truth or Lie?
           We live in a wonderfully designed universe. Every single detail in it, whether it be is the majestic sun or the tiniest little cell, shows a lot of creativity and variety. So is it possible that our world today could have been a product of pure blind chance? Or is there a Supreme Being, the one who created all things? It is because of this controversial issue that I would like to explain why creationism is true and how evolution is false.
     In the book of Genesis, the Bible says that, “In the beginning, GOD created the heaven and the earth.” (Gen. 1:1, KJV) God created everything in a time span of six days and pronounced it good. Many people today do not believe in a Divine creator or in a supernatural creation.  Although there are those who try to disprove the Biblical account of creation, all the facts point towards it.
     A good proof of the theory of creationism is the universe itself. Our universe is very orderly; an explosion could not have made it this way.  Could an explosion put the sun in the exact place where it needs to be? Could blind chance create gravity and put it into action? How could something out of nowhere make a perfect atmosphere for our planet? There is a lot of design in our universe, and design always demands a Designer.
     We can also see design in all living creature. Animals are a good witness for creationism. Where did the birds learn to build their nests? How do monarch butterflies know where to go when they migrate for the winter? Only a Supreme Being could have given the animals their instincts.
     Human beings are an even better proof of creationism. The human hand, a tool which we use every day, is a marvelous object. When you stop and think about it,or even about the cell, it is preposterous to believe that blind chance could have created anything at all.
     Evolution is totally contrary to creationism. Instead of believing that our universe was created by a Divine Creator, they suppose that the universe was formed by blind chance. According to evolution, an explosion called the Big Bang created our universe. Let that sink in for a moment. An explosion created our world? If so, that is one of the luckiest things that happened to us, for how possible is it that it could “just happen?” “Belief in the ‘Big Bang’ is superstitious in origin; just like hoping for an unscientific ‘Little Bang’ to happen all by itself in an empty box on a shelf.” (Abramson, Paul)
     Evolution also says that, by chance, a tiny, living cell was formed out of nothing  (notice how many “out of nothings” evolution has?). This cell kept changing and changing, and from this cell everything eventually evolved. They do not believe that there is a Creator, or that our world was formed by a Supreme Being. Instead, they believe that, over millions of years, the cells that were “formed” evolved into something else, and, millions of years along the line, with constant evolving, man was gradually formed. But evolutionists cannot explain this phenomenon.
     Evolution is said to be scientifically correct. But is that completely true? The second law of thermodynamics states that the amount of entropy (disorder) in our universe is gradually increasing. In other words, everything goes from a state of order to disorder. If evolution is true, it disagrees with the second law of thermodynamics, for evolution says that the universe is becoming more orderly, and that man is becoming more highly evolved. That is the absolute opposite of the second law of thermodynamics. This shows another one of the flaws of evolution. 
     The fossil record, another so called “proof” of evolution, actually supports the Biblical account of creation! When an animal dies, it gradually deteriorates or is eaten up. If so, why do we have so many fossils today? To have all these fossils, it would take something drastic and rapid to kill and bury the animals, creating fossils. It is possible that a worldwide flood, such as the flood recorded in Genesis, could have been the culprit. Another flaw in the fossil record is the rock layers. The rocks where fossils are found date the fossils, but how do you know the ages of the rocks? The fossils they contain supposedly date the rocks. That idea is circular thinking.
     There are many more proofs that creationism is true. We cannot go into all of those now, but just looking at nature shows the power and creativity of our God. God is the sole Creator of our universe. His creation is just an arrow, pointing towards the majesty, power, and glory of God.

Abramson, Paul. “A Defense of Creationism.” 2009. (accessed Feb. 2, 2010).
Clarifying Christianity. “Creation vs. Evolution.” (accessed Feb. 1, 2010).
Dew, Diane. “Creation vs. Evolution.” (accessed Feb. 2, 2010).
Shimmin, Dolores. Matter in Motion. Pensacola: Pensacola Christian College, 2008.
The Parent Company. “Creation vs. Evolution.” (accessed Feb. 1, 2010.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

More of George Philips

The Scare
I woke up; I sat upright; for I had heard a noise that night.
Slowly looking round, I saw a shadow creeping through the hall.
While quietly following, I thought I heard a sound like a rapid shot.
So I rushed to the kitchen, but I saw not a single soul at all.
But wait! There was a glass cup on the floor, all broken up.
So, obviously, the noisy sound came from the cup. And then I frowned.
Who on earth could be doing this all? Wait, someone’s coming down the hall!
So I hid. The culprit turned on the light, and what I saw was a surprising sight.
To my surprise, it was my dad! But before I became exceedingly glad,
He said, “I need to wake the others up. I wonder if I broke our best cup?”
The Oysters
Before oysters lived in the sea
They lived in Camelot.
They were born and raised there,
And they ran and played and fought.
But as you, and others, already know,
Camelot is no more.
So, when Camelot disappeared,
The oysters thought for a score.
“Flee to the sea!” the eldest said.
“There we shall multiply.”
Some oysters thought his idea was good,
The others began to cry.
So the oysters sat and thought some more,
They thought hard and clear.
Some boys were walking by. One said,
“Look at these funny things here!”
The boys bent down and picked some up.
The others fled to the sea.
Another lad said, “Let’s take these to town
And give them to Mrs. Lee.”
The lady said, “Hand me those things.
I’ll make them look like new.”
Later she took them off the shelf
And put them in the stew.
And now you know the whole story.
Believe me, it is true.
And that’s why some oysters are in the sea,
And others are in your stew.

Christ died for me
At cruel Calvary
He paid for my sin
So I’ll be born again
To show so much love for me, a sinner, you see,
Would seem to some a task of great difficulty.
I know not why that for me he would die,
But his blood so dear
Is for all who hear,
And that will receive
To live eternally.
So, listen well!
You’re headed to hell
But accept God’s Son
And you will have won:
Then happy you’ll be
Throughout eternity.


Because of a special request, I decide to post a poem on my blog. The title of this one, obviously, is Pets. It was written by George Philips. 
I had some money; I wanted some pets: but which one should I buy?
I came to a store with animals galore, so I asked the pet shop guy.
“Oh, buy a monkey,” said the man in the store. “They are cunning, and playful, too.”
So I bought a nice chimp and I took him home; but Mom sent him to the zoo.
So with my monkey donated (was I irritated!), I went back to the store.
I made a bet that a hamster’s the pet, and the place had them by the score.
So I bought a pair feeling light as the air, and I thought, “I’ll show these to Mom.”
But one ran through the house; Mom thought it a mouse: so I sold them at
I bought many pets, with wings and with fins; but Mom made them leave in a swish.
So now all I have (it really is sad) a cat and a pair of goldfish.

P.S. I did have the author's permission to post this. Maybe he will let us use more of his works.
P.S.(P.S.) To the members of the Doolittle family: You may have noticed a hidden meaning in the author's name. Take a good look. You'll see what I am talking about.

Friday, January 21, 2011


My cousin Mitchell is very cute and pretty funny. He loves watermelon and never makes a mess (tongue in cheek).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fish Heads!?!

Walber, our neighbor, invited us to eat fish at his house. Then he proceeded to eat the head. He ate everything: eyes, brains, tongue, everything.


Here are some of the pictures of the works we are still responsible for.

The church in Rio Branco.

The church at the colony (in Guajara).
For more pictures and information, visit

Monday, January 17, 2011


We had some visitors last month, which we enjoyed. Our grandparents (Robert and Ruth Doolittle) stayed for a month, while the Costa family (Uncle Edilson, Aunt Rachel, and cousins Emily and Mitchell) stayed only for a couple of weeks. We had fun during their visit.

Uncle Edilson, Aunt Rachel, Emily, and Mitchell
Pawpaw (or Poppy, also Grandpa) and Grandmother Ruth

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hymn Professions

Yes, you read right. Posting about the Christmas carols gave me the idea to put this on. Hope you like them.

Dentist's hymn-"Crown Him With Many Crowns"
Mender's hymn-"Holy, Holy, Holy"
Politician's hymn-"Standing on the Promises"
Shopper's hymn-"In the Sweey By and By"
Paramedic's hymn-"Revive Us Again"
Shoe Repairer's hymn-"It Is Well with My Soul"
Librarian's hymn-"Whisper a Prayer"
Umpire's hymn-"I Need No Other Argument"
Golfer's hymn-"There Is a Green Hill Far Away"
IRS agent's hymn-"I Surrender All"
Gossip's hymn-"Pass It On"
Psychiatrist's hymn-"Just a Little Talk with Jesus"
Dot-com sales hymn-"A Charge to Keep I Have"
Haberdasher's hymn-"Blest Be the Tie"

There are many more.

Can You Guess These Christmas Carols?

I know Christmas is over, but I did not post these then, so I am doing it now. Besides, Chrismas was not that long ago.
Can you guess what these carols are? They are encrypted, but you should be able to guess some.

Sacred Darkness
Condition: Cloudless; Time: 2400 hours
Singular Yearning for Anterior Incisors
The Quadruped with Vermilion Probuscis
Far Off in a Feeder
Enthusiasm to the Planet
Nocturnal Noiselessness
Monarchial Triad
Proceed and Proclaim on the Pinnacle
Query Regarding Identity of Descendant
Give Heed to the Celestial Harmonious Being
Advance All Loyalists
Endocarp Tanning upon the Miniature Inferno
O Conifer of Yule
Sterling Tintinabular Objects
Colorless Holiday

If you have any questions, email me for the answers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Animals of the Amazon

We have some interesting animals where we live.
Here are some of them.

A macaw.

 Of course, there is the monkey.

We found this capibara in the wild.

Here is a tapir.

This is some cat!

Don't you just love snakes?

Here's a big one!

Polly wants a cracker? We're in Brazil. Here, Polly wants a "biscoito".

These guys have some pretty impressive beaks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, Here We Come!

Our watchnight service went really well this year. We had several people baptized. Also, all of the men, and some of the boys of the church gave five minute sermons. After we prayed in the new year, the was a supper/breakfast for everybody.
Benjamin being baptized.

Renato being baptized.

Joshua giving his message.

                                                                       William preaching.

                                                                       Pablo preaching.

Me giving my message.

We had lots of good food there.