Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bible

Soon I am probably going to run out of George Philips' works.

The Bible
Tells of the story of God’s saving love
To sinners who deserve punishment.
Talks of Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark,
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua,
The Judges, Ruth, the Kings of Israel,
Prophets who announced God’s plan.
And finally, God’s Holy Son, Jesus.
Yes, this is in the Bible. It is the story
Of the price, the cross, the saving blood,
The perfect Lamb of God, who takes
All the sin of this evil, corrupt world.
It is the Book of the disciples; it tells
Of those like Peter and Paul and Silas,
Those who were not afraid to die
For Christ, for the cause, for the cross.
It is the story of the return of Christ.
It is the story of His final victory here.
It is the story of His eternal kingdom.
It is the old- our own-precious story,
The time-honored story: the story of
Our God’s
 To Man

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  1. Great job, Philip, on your posts.
    Tell all your family hello for me:)
    Rhonda for the Devine's