Friday, January 14, 2011

Hymn Professions

Yes, you read right. Posting about the Christmas carols gave me the idea to put this on. Hope you like them.

Dentist's hymn-"Crown Him With Many Crowns"
Mender's hymn-"Holy, Holy, Holy"
Politician's hymn-"Standing on the Promises"
Shopper's hymn-"In the Sweey By and By"
Paramedic's hymn-"Revive Us Again"
Shoe Repairer's hymn-"It Is Well with My Soul"
Librarian's hymn-"Whisper a Prayer"
Umpire's hymn-"I Need No Other Argument"
Golfer's hymn-"There Is a Green Hill Far Away"
IRS agent's hymn-"I Surrender All"
Gossip's hymn-"Pass It On"
Psychiatrist's hymn-"Just a Little Talk with Jesus"
Dot-com sales hymn-"A Charge to Keep I Have"
Haberdasher's hymn-"Blest Be the Tie"

There are many more.

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