Monday, January 24, 2011

More of George Philips

The Scare
I woke up; I sat upright; for I had heard a noise that night.
Slowly looking round, I saw a shadow creeping through the hall.
While quietly following, I thought I heard a sound like a rapid shot.
So I rushed to the kitchen, but I saw not a single soul at all.
But wait! There was a glass cup on the floor, all broken up.
So, obviously, the noisy sound came from the cup. And then I frowned.
Who on earth could be doing this all? Wait, someone’s coming down the hall!
So I hid. The culprit turned on the light, and what I saw was a surprising sight.
To my surprise, it was my dad! But before I became exceedingly glad,
He said, “I need to wake the others up. I wonder if I broke our best cup?”
The Oysters
Before oysters lived in the sea
They lived in Camelot.
They were born and raised there,
And they ran and played and fought.
But as you, and others, already know,
Camelot is no more.
So, when Camelot disappeared,
The oysters thought for a score.
“Flee to the sea!” the eldest said.
“There we shall multiply.”
Some oysters thought his idea was good,
The others began to cry.
So the oysters sat and thought some more,
They thought hard and clear.
Some boys were walking by. One said,
“Look at these funny things here!”
The boys bent down and picked some up.
The others fled to the sea.
Another lad said, “Let’s take these to town
And give them to Mrs. Lee.”
The lady said, “Hand me those things.
I’ll make them look like new.”
Later she took them off the shelf
And put them in the stew.
And now you know the whole story.
Believe me, it is true.
And that’s why some oysters are in the sea,
And others are in your stew.

Christ died for me
At cruel Calvary
He paid for my sin
So I’ll be born again
To show so much love for me, a sinner, you see,
Would seem to some a task of great difficulty.
I know not why that for me he would die,
But his blood so dear
Is for all who hear,
And that will receive
To live eternally.
So, listen well!
You’re headed to hell
But accept God’s Son
And you will have won:
Then happy you’ll be
Throughout eternity.


  1. Tell George Philips that I enjoyed his work immensely and hope that he keeps it up!

  2. Very good job, George Philips :)