Monday, January 24, 2011


Because of a special request, I decide to post a poem on my blog. The title of this one, obviously, is Pets. It was written by George Philips. 
I had some money; I wanted some pets: but which one should I buy?
I came to a store with animals galore, so I asked the pet shop guy.
“Oh, buy a monkey,” said the man in the store. “They are cunning, and playful, too.”
So I bought a nice chimp and I took him home; but Mom sent him to the zoo.
So with my monkey donated (was I irritated!), I went back to the store.
I made a bet that a hamster’s the pet, and the place had them by the score.
So I bought a pair feeling light as the air, and I thought, “I’ll show these to Mom.”
But one ran through the house; Mom thought it a mouse: so I sold them at
I bought many pets, with wings and with fins; but Mom made them leave in a swish.
So now all I have (it really is sad) a cat and a pair of goldfish.

P.S. I did have the author's permission to post this. Maybe he will let us use more of his works.
P.S.(P.S.) To the members of the Doolittle family: You may have noticed a hidden meaning in the author's name. Take a good look. You'll see what I am talking about.

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