Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Even More World Cup Talk

   So, I'm back again to talk about the only thing I've been talking about for the past few posts - the World Cup. Let's see where things stand.
     Groups A and B finished up their games yesterday. In Group A, Brazil classified in first and Mexico in second (to be honest, I wasn't surprised). Group B had an unusual outcome. Spain, the champion of 2010, is already out, and Holland came in first in their group, with Chile tagging along in second. Which means that Brazil faces Chile on Saturday, while Holland plays Mexico. Predicted outcome: Brazil and Holland move on to the quarterfinals.
     Groups C and D finish today. So far, Columbia is in first, followed by Ivory Coast, Japan, and lastly Greece. In Group D, Costa Rica has already guaranteed their spot in the next stage. Who knew, right? Seriously, though, they beat Uruguay and Italy , and today they face England, who have lost two games in a row. Predictions: in Group C, Columbia, in first, and Ivory Coast, second, proceed to the next stage; in Group D, Costa Rica comes out on top, with Italy barely managing second place.
     Groups E predictions: France in first, Switzerland in second.
     Group F predictions: Argentina in first. As far as the other teams are concerned, I have no clue.
     But now, let's move to the group that concerns me the most: Group G. We already mentioned Germany's win over Portugal and the USA's win over Ghana. So, it would have made sense if Germany had beat Ghana and USA had defeated Portugal. But, of course, that didn't happen. Both games ended with a 2x2 tie.
     In the USA vs. Portugal game, it started with Portugal drawing first blood.

     Later in the game, a bullet sent by Jones left the score even.
     And Dempsey managed to stomach (he he he) another goal, his second this World Cup.
     With not much time remaining, the USMNT had the game in the bag. Americans all over the world were celebrating.
     And during the last minute, well...
     Oh, humanity!
     So, Thursday is the deciding day. Portugal and Ghana play to try to nab second place, while Germany and the USA decide who will be in first. The other could wind up in second...or leave the Cup...
     And, to finish, we have Group H, where Belgium is currently in first and Algeria in second. My prediction is that it will stay that way.
     Oh, I haven't predicted the winners of Group G? Well, that's hard to say, because I can't look at it as unbiased as I could the others. But, here it is: Germany in first, and...I'm pretty hopeful here, so USA in second. For that to happen, either one of the Group G games on Thursday need to end in a tie. Or both of them. I'm not particular. And, if the USA advances (in second, unless they can beat Germany), they will probably play Belgium, according to my predictions.
     So, that's my take on the World Cup so far. I'm counting on you, team USA! We can make it to the finals after (probably) facing Belgium, then Argentina (probably), then Holland (most likely), then whoever it is at the finals. Um... let's just take it one game at a time, then. It looks better than looking at the long run.

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