Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More World Cup Talk

     So, we're almost a week into the World Cup, and a lot has already happened. So let's get busy:
     Brazil started the Cup with a 3 to 1 victory over Croatia. Then on Friday Mexico scored one goal against Cameroon and gained the victory. Later that day Holland showed everyone how to play the game with a whopping 5 to 1 win over Spain. Nice. And the last game on Friday gave Chile a victory against Australia, 3 to 1.
     Saturday had four games:
                  Columbia 3 vs 0 Greece
                  Ivory Coast 2 vs 1 Japan
                  Uruguay 1 vs 3 Costa Rica
                  England 1 vs 2 Italy
     And on Sunday:
                  Switzerland 2 vs 1 Ecuador
                  France 3 vs 0 Honduras
                  Argentina 2 vs 1 Bosnia
     But Monday was the important day for me, because it had two games in Group G (and a tie in the Iran-Bosnia game, but, you know). First, Germany played a great game, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of Portugal in the dust with a 4 to 0 triumph. But the game I was waiting for came after: the long-awaited USA-Ghana match. And it started off with a goal 25 seconds into the game. A goal for the USMNT, fortunately.
     But then Ghana had to make a goal 82 minutes later. So, what does the US team do?

     But, even with our victory, the USMNT is not ready to face Cris and Co. on Sunday. The game on Monday showcased an extremely poor offense, especially during the second half, where Ghana established themselves to be superior. It was only the American defense and a few unwise decisions on Ghana's side that prevented it from being a massacre. So, can the US take on Portugal and come out victorious? Well, if we can improve our offense, we could have a chance. Portugal is coming from a huge defeat, not to mention a couple of injuries. But of course, every team winds up with some of those.
      So, we'll see how the team plans to hold the Portuguese man-of-war on Saturday, and hope their offense can actually control the ball. But I'm being optimistic. I think we can win. That's just my personality, I guess.
     Go USA!

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