Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup Talk

With the World Cup kicking off tomorrow, I got to thinking about...stuff. Obviously it's in Brazil this year, and I live here, so who is more qualified to talk about it than me?
So, here it is...the World Cup Blog Post!
So, let's talk Brazil, since they're hosting the Cup. They've got a good chance of winning this year, but lots of Brazilians don't really want their team to win, due to the incredible amount of money wasted on getting ready for the Cup. Politics, politics. But some fans are ready to cheer their team on.
Actually, these are my co-workers. One of them is actually from Holland. Can you guess who?
(Interestingly, Holland was the team who kicked Brazil out last World Cup.)
As far as the USA goes, is there really a chance? At a first glance, it doesn't seem likely.
The USA is in a pretty tough group. They face Ghana, Portugal, and Germany. Bob says there's no way, but after the victory against Nigeria, it still be pretty tough. Best thing is to root for your team, and if they go, hope they go down fighting. But, hey, they might take the Cup this year. Stranger things have happened. As someone once told me, "Lemonade can be good for the liver." Couldn't have said it better myself.
So who is the winning team this year? Honestly , I don't know. But I'm sticking with the US of A. They might surprise us. Honestly, though, if they win the World Cup, it will prove that God does indeed have a sense of humor.
As if I'm not proof enough.

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